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Saturday, July 21, 2012

2,000th Post Party

Here we are, at our 2,000th post! We can HARDLY believe it.
 Its 12:21 AM OUR time, so we are gonna start the party.

Well, like we said Wensday, we didnt start the blog, an fer all we know, we may not finish it either.  But TBT said 2,000 was worth a party, and we are happy about THAT!  An we passed 100,000 visitors a couple months ago, so thats neat too.

So we've arranged fer the best food TBT would spring for, and all that games we could manage...

To start, we have dry treats while evryone gets to talk ta each other.  Crunchies are a good start.  The party games will start in about an hour (dependin on how many friends show up this early).

But there are TP rolls for impatient players.  They are the tricky ones on backwards, though.  MOL!

An lotsa mousie-toys on the floor...

UPDATE 3 AM...  
Wow, so many kittehs visitin SO early!  We are amazed…  Fortunately TBT is up late and is prepared ta stay up ALL day.  We (and he) slept early last night, so we are ready fer our big day ALL day!

The first ham came out…  TBT cut it up on the table (and we were all told (an agreed) ta not jump up while he was doing that.   Flying knives and kitty tails do NOT get along).  But when the chunks hit the bowls, all "Ell" broke loose.

(And King Spitty and Iza are sneakin around together)...

Update 4:30 AM - Oh the Box-jumping games have begun!  The boxes are started at 2 feet apart and TBT slowly moves them farther away.  Iza got disqualified at once.  She couldn’t do even the 2 foot jump (along with 3 others).  Most got to 4 feet away.  The winners got to 5 feet.

Spitty is GOOD at this.  But some Forty Paws Kities did better.  We have to go find out their names.  But they keep running after the rattley mousies now.

6:00 AM Update:  Well, we are going nappies, but we sure hope our friends stay playin.  It wont keep us awake.  And all are welcome ta pile around TBT in the big waterbed.  He'll like that and so will you.  Lotsa scritchies!

7:00 AM UPDATE:  OK, we are up again.  TBT says it is time fer a chicken!  YAY!!!  Lets eat!  But dont try ta get the bones, he takes them away...

Pee Ess - Has anyone seen King Spitty and Iza lately?  They are sposed to be helpin us clean up as the party goes along.  ~  Ayla and Marley 

8:30 AM Update:  Hannah and Lucy, Brian, Old Kitty, and Katie are IN THE HOUSE,  Time for THoE!  Line up at the kitchen door...

And.............. RUN!

And Katie wins!!!  Good Thundering, Katie! 

Pee Ess, has ANYONE seen King Spitty and Iza around? 

There are new rolls of TP put up if annyone is innerested...  And watchers can give the ratings.

Time fer a Cat Tree and bag contest!   You climb the cat tree and jump into anny bag on the floor.  There are several... Style and accuracy counts.  Iza will judge.  Hey where IS IZA?  Never mind, Marley will judge, then.!

10:30 AM Update:  Yay, The "Abby cats are here.  Boo, Abby, Ping, Gracie, and um, what was that blur that just went by?  Looks like another TP roll will meet the floor...

And its BOX time again.  THIS time, we will all get up on the empty books shelves and see how many boxes  we can jump into while keeping our heads above the boxtops!!!  Iza will judge,  Oh is she STILL gone?  OK I Ayla will judge,..

 Hey, The Florida Furkids and Lexi, and Samantha, Clemmie and Maverick are jest arrived! 
Good timing all.  We think TBT is bringing out another ham soon..  

Doggie bafroom is right ouside on the groundhoggie burrow, heh, heh, heh.  Feel free to go...  And the fence is secure, you wont get out away.  An BTW, any kitties who want to "do it" outside, yer welcome to.  The backyard is full of fallen leafs so there is THE BEST cover-up material outside an its OK..  Fr you shyer ones, there are four litterboxes in the basement an TBT keeps them CLEAN.

There is a clowder of cats here, so me hope me haven't missed anyone.  But we ARE fergetful of names sometimes.  If yer here, we DO notice...

Oh wow, the whole Marg cat crew are here!  Make room. make room...  Hi y'all, the Nip's in the TV room, and the treats are in the computer room.  Ands find a bag ya like...

5 PM UPDATE:   Oh WOW, evrycats are here!  All our friends and some new ones too!
Turbotrak time.  It was put away when Grampa came, but TBT has put it out again.  There are TWO balls ta bat around.  And fer those crowded out, there are ping-pong balls all around the floors ta bat!

Ham Chunks the Fourth is brought out!  This time, TBT is just putting it on a tablecloth on the FLOOR, so tear into it.  Floor level ham, WooHOO!  Try not ta shred the…  Oh Bast, too late…  Never mind.

Hey, Max is here, Eric and Flynn  are here, time ta break out the shrimps!   Hey Max, didya see that TBT cooked the shrimps in HAM JUICE? 

Meanwhile, lets get a good game of THoE going.  CLEAR THE HALLWAY!  We'll have 3 runs an the winners will meet later for the final thunder!

Where IS IZA annyway?  Shes sposed to be helping...  ~  Marley

9:30 PM UPDATE:  Grampa says Katie is pretty.  But then he is calling ALL of us "Katie" tonight.   Hey, TBT shouldnt we be seein another chicken about now?   And more TP rolls?

11:30 PM UPDATE.  Oh wow, more friends droppin in, The Island Casts, Derby and Ducky, Leo and Star!  Time fer more bag games!!!  And more SHRIMPS!!!   Strangely, there are some kittens asleep UTB.  We're not sure where they came fro,  But everyone is bein nice ta them (lickin and settling down fer nappies).

Let the bag games begin again!