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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Today I am doin some typical mancatly stuff.  In this case, studying the Evil Skwerls.  I do this in the full expectation that I will be allowed OUT again and have the chance to bring one of these villains to swift toothy justice!

For example, I note that they apparently cant see though glass doors.  I am obviously in plain sight, but it does not seem to see that I am there watching it.
They dont seem ta be very smart.  It is looking around all over the deck for nuts and EVRYONE knows that nuts dont grow on decks!  Well, not until Fall at least, when Acorns grow there.
See how stupid it is?  It is sniffing a piece of cement ta see iffen it is edible!  Or soft enough ta dig a hole in.  Whichever...
Ohhhh, if I could JUST get out that door...  But until then, I'll keep studying them.