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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well Iza cant get ALL the glory!
 I mean, I want a bit of snorgling too sometimes...
But I have a request.  I'm entered in the Artistic High Jump.  But I don't want ya ta vote fer ME.  I want ya ta go vote for Coco, an I dont even KNOW Coco!  But its really the best jump.  Just look at Coco pouncin like Batman on the other cats!  Its the most outstanding (well, JUMPING) picture we have ever seen.  I want you ta vote fer Coco cuz there is some ballot-stuffing going on, an it needs ta be balanced. 
Is THAT amazin or what?

Ya can vote EVERY DAY!  Please do so...  Vote fer Coco evry day and EACH day!  Ya can keep doing it until Midnight July 27th where ever you are, YOUR time. 

Do the vote HERE!  Coco is about 2/3rds down on the list.  Lets get Coco the WIN!

Vote early, vote often, but vote for the Coco of your choice!

An BTW, the new Header is by SPITTY!