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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday


Its HOT here today.  Lets try ta stay in the shade as much as possible.  But first I gotta show ya the lilies an the main flower area...

This is one of our best daylilies.  This patch of them wasnt doing too well cuz they got shaded by an unwanted sapling.  Then, since they werent growin, they dint get watered much.  But now the sapling is gone, and they are growin some.
This lily sprung all 3 flowers at once!
An here is the main flowerbed.  Its doing well cuz it gets watered 2 times a week.
BTW, the whole bed is bordered with clumping blue fescue.  But as ya can see, some clumps are more blue than others...

Now lets head fer the SHADE!

This is what the Evil Skwerls do around here.  They eat green apples...  Fortunately, this was a neighbors apple.  Unfortunately, thats cuz the Evil Skwerls already GOT all of ours.  We had 50...
There is a whole line of hostas over here along the fence, but this is my favorite.  Its big an has bold patterns on the leafs.
This one is TBTs favrit.  Its a bit suttle...
An finally, we got these hydrangeas.  They start white, then turn green.  After green, they turn brown.

The first tomatoes (fruited before the HOTS and the drought) failed.  One got eaten by some critter (TBT was too distraught to think of taking a picture - shame, shame), and the other was only ripe at the bottom.

BUT, we got several new good-sized fruits that started after the HOTS briefly stopped 2 weeks ago.  They are developing fast.

Now lets get out of the HOT and go lie down on the cool basement floor.  I think TBT has a can of sardines and some chick-hen set aside for snacks.  And lets just have some nice cool water to drink!