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Friday, August 03, 2012

Goth Iza

IZA:  Wow, I was surprised by the surprize at me being a Goth Grrl.  Mostly over at Spittys blog cuz he posted about our date first.  So I spose I should esplain a little.

I have this really cute wide-eyed innocent look and that throws Beins and Kitties off a bit.

But I'm really a rough grrlcat.  I play rough, eat fast, keep my claws a shade out at all times, and generally tear stuff up.

Ayla is the "good girl", the nice princess, the dainty eater.  Even her toys are little delicate ones.  I can fall asleep watching her play.  If we were Beins, she would play croquet and I would play rugby.  When she used to go into heat, only TBT heard her.  Iffen it had been ME, the neighbors would have been here with pitchforks and hot tar (not that it would have done them anny good).

Ayla nibbles at her food; I inhale it.  The ottoman has a towel over it.  Ayla sits on it politely and talks quietly to visitors.  I tear the darn towel right off and bunnykick it to death.  (Not that I want to diminish Ayla's fighting abilities.  She is like a Judo expert to MY kickboxer talent - you wouldnt BELEEV the way she can jump around me when we REALLY get into it)

Basically, Ayla is a princess who wants to wear a pretty tiara and would never say a rude werd, and I am a barmaid with a whip for overly-amorous customers...  Oh, and Marley is just a really good normal laid-back brother without pretentions.  If he has secret dreams, he doesn't mention them.

So, yes, I am a bit of a Goth Grrl.  TBT says that, 50 years ago, I would have been a Biker Chick, but I would have been driving the bike.  With a young stud holding onto me behind... 

I don't date much, but I DO have my preferences.  King Spitty is right up my alleycat (er, "alley").

An I want to say I have no use fer "playehs".  Playehs are insecure little boys who measure themselves in, well, ways that dont innerest me.  Spitty isnt one of those...

Spitty is one of those rare mancats who know how to strike the right balance between excitement and respect, know what I mean?  Like, joking, I promised him 3 nose-kissies on the date.  He took all 3 and no more.  And when I wasn't expecting them but when the mood was right.  One at each of the 3 clubs, too, which kept it controlled.  He dint take MORE than 3 nose-kissies, but he dint take LESS either, MOL!  BTW, I liked Shutter the best. 

So he was gentlemancatly (like James Bond), but also a bit surprising and rakish (like James Bond), but without the obligatory movie-ending escapade.  MOL!  I had a thoroughly wunnerful date.

And it was just THAT, a date.  We're not going steady, we arent going to get married.  We might date again, but it isnt my goal in life to get hitched.  Spitty likes ALL girlcats too much for me to get too serious with him (bless his sweet little mancat heart).

BTW, does anykitty know how to work this thing?
The ring-grabber thingie doesn't open or close when I tell it to an I cant make it open even with my claws at full strength.  I think it would fit a nose-ring real good, though.

Ambush, Thwarted

AYLA:  Iza ran in an jumped up on the bed.  So I got into position facing the door ta pounce her when she hops down.
After a while, I got tired of waiting.  What did she do, fall asleep up there?  I had to check. NO sign of her!
So I hopped up to my observation post...
And LOOK who is there watching ME!  Where on Earth was she hiding?  Iza, thats not fair, I was ambushing YOU.
Oh Bast, now I'M trapped.
Looks like I'll be up here for a while...
I hope TBT opens the lunch cans soon.  She will ALLUS leave the room fer THAT.