Sunday, August 05, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Bast, was Iza ever annoyed this morning.  She been tearin up the house all yesserday and night!  She even whapped ME, an I was just sittin around, ya know?  She chewed the skins offa TWO new rattley mousies last night too.  Somethin about bein 16th on Spittys list of girlcats. 

So, annyway, me an Ayla just sat up high today an waited til she calmed down.  Cuz Iza isnt in a climbin mood when she's annoyed.
Sometimes, ya just GOTTA let Iza have the whole floor...
I let Ayla keep the watchful eye out...  Me?  I napped.
The good news is that TBT finally stepped in an made Iza go read her email and Spittys blog, where she learned (to HER chagrin and OUR laffter) that the list was Spittys list, but in no special order.  So now she is all settled down and napping in the bedroom.

So it turns out ta be an Easy Sunday (afternoon) after all...