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Monday, August 06, 2012


AYLA:  So, ya may remember I was trapped up on my observation post the other day.  Its OK, TBT opened the lunch cans an Iza went running out.  And all is forgotten, ambushes and pounces are just part of the day's fun!

So we decided ta nap together today.
TBT likes the way we move around together in our sleep.
Well, of course we don't actally move IN our sleep!  But we do yawn a bit, get up an stretch and then settle down again.  THATS just normal.  But we DO seem to orient ourselfs in the same ways most of the time.

Rule 1, close is good but try not ta touch.
Rule 2, try not ta get yer nose near a butt (especially important ta ME, IZA farts).
Rule 3, its not fair slowly nudgin the other off an edge.  Not that we dont sometimes TRY.
Rule 4, Marley is allowed to touch us both (encouraged, actally).  But THIS particular nappin spot is a bit tight.  Its POSSIBLE (see header) but nappin is tricky that way.  And the Bloo Pillow got moved...