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Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday Garden Tour On Friday

Iza:  Well we kinna fergot yesserday.  An today's isn't the usual garden tour.  But its about plants.  I suppose it is that tale of 2 plants what mean a lot to TBT.

I think he has only esplained it ta ME before, cuz I watch out fer plants here.

See this Waxy Hoya?  TBT says it was a housewarming gift.  In 1982.  His sisfur Susie gave it to him when he moved into his first house.  It was a rental, but it WAS a real house.  So that makes it 30 years old just about this moonth.  Not many plants live this long.  I guess TBT gives it ezactly the "benign neglect" it likes.
The other "meaningful" plant comes from a co-worker.   About 1990, he says.  She had it in a small jam jar and was going to toss it away.  It's still in the same jam jar.  He hasn't managed to kill IT yet, either. 

But both plants are still doing well.  Both plants get water from the fishie tank.  He says that is really good for them.  Apparently...  The pots on the sides are for the rat tails to land in an root.  And they do.  They have some ivy in there to keep them company, too

Have you got some long-lived house plant?  Will you describe it and give a back-story?