Thursday, August 16, 2012


MARLEY:  Im a whole TWO YEARS OLD today.  Oh gosh, THATS why Ayla an Iza declared this MARLEY WEEK.  It wasnt cuz I was getting let out, I was let out cuz it was my BIRFDAY WEEK!

Since this is the week Ive gotten ta go outside regularly (every day so far) we are havin my party outside in the shade on the soft grass.  But just cuz its outside doesn't mean there arent games!  TBT has set out boxes and bags, and there is a big mound of mulch (covered with a clean plastic tarp) for King Of The Hill Games.  As an added treat, Iza will show evrykitty where the mousie holes are.  You are all welcome to however manny you can catch!  Plus there are all kinds of shrubs and such fer slinking around under and lookin fer bugs.

TBT has even refilled the birdie feeder so there will be Birdie TV available all day.  The Catsitter CD is on the inside TV for those who want to either stay inside or rest inside fer awhile...

Please come join me.

I'm TWO!!!

MARLEY:  I found out its my Birfday.  But Im goin ta bed now.  So my big birfday post will be on later today when I get up fer REAL.  You can leave Birfday Greetings here, or ya can wait fer the party later.  I'll LOVE them either place.

An Ayla bet me a cricket (to be caught later) that I WONT get more Birfday greetings than SHE did.  So help me prove her wrong...