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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marley OUT, 5

MARLEY:  I wrap up the week of pictures of my adventure OUTSIDE  with the WILD corner and my last quick run around.  I found this OLD DEAD PIECE OF TREE!  They die?  Who knew?  It smelled funny, too...  Insecty and well, like old shoes.
There was neat stuff there.  Did you know sheets of plastic grow on the ground?
But it was mostly scraggly stuff  [TBT:  I WILL clean out that corner of the yard!  Eventually]
There is even a big pile of tree bark with more plastic growing over the top.  BARK GROWS PLASTIC!
But TBT said I hadda come in soon, so I went over to the land of mousie holes under the bird feeder ta check.  No mousies.
A quick trip through the flowers...
A few bites of grass.  That will be useful when I get back inside.  Heh-heh.
And in I went fer dinner...