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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Well, first, I wanna thank you all fer comin to my birthday party, second fer enjoyin the pictures of my first day out, and 3rd fer all the comments about it all.

One result is that Ayla an I compared comments on our birfdays.  Neither of us could count the actual numbers (an TBT wouldnt), but Ayla decided that my list seemed longer.  So she is graciously gonna go hunt a cricket for me to play with.  She PROMISES not to chew it (much), but you know how it goes when ya got somethin ecitin in yer mouth.  I may haveta catch my own cricket annyway. 

Its Easy Sunday...  But because its the last day of MARLEY WEEK, its mostly me.
I LOVE the 3 tier patform TBT made (for Skeeter).
Its older than I am, of course.
But then an open cloths drawer is great too.
I can fur up TBTs cloths AND get a great nap...
I could do WITHOUT the flashy, though.
 Changing positions after a while is luxorious.
 I was nappin heavenly
but eventually, my new spot was discovered.  And coveted...
Since they were BOTH so great about making this MARLEY WEEK, we took turns, but I dint make/let TBT take any more pictures so that the sisfurs could nap EASY.  I owed them that.

And again, thank you so much evrykitty (and some Beins) fer visitin this whole week (and at the Party) an makin this my 2nd best week ever (hey my Gotcha Day always stays #1)!