Thursday, August 23, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Its Garden Tour Thursday again!  But this time, the flowers are about the same as last time (annuals are like that, and no perennials are blooming right now).  So I am showing off the "flying flowers" today.

The yellow flutterbies are all over the, um, flutterby bushes.  Notice the orangish one in the background though.
And there is this weerd moth what LOOKS like a bee and ACTS like a flutterby.
We mostly have the big yellow flutterbies around
More yellow ones.  There are large black ones, but they get spooked when we come near.  And there are LOTS of little orangy/black ones all over the place, but they are shy.
As best I can count (which is difficult enough with UNMOVING things), there are usually about 5 of the big yellow ones to one of the big black ones to about 20 of the little ones.  And about 3 of those weerd hummermoths...

Since the weather is pretty nice, I thought mebbe we should all go over to the large bare dirt area and roll around.  TBT is bringing out lighter fare today.  There is Eukanuba chicken kibble, chick-hen juice, and water with crushed Nip leafs.  I told TBT to make it light today, as I've read many kitties are on diets.  But we have lots of tiny crickets around on the lawn as snacks for those with bigger appetites.

And, of course, annykitty who finds a vole is more than welcome to it...