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Friday, August 24, 2012

Thankful Friday

THE BIG THING:  Last month, we had a 2,000th Post Party.  The door prize was won by Shaggy and Scout at Little Cat Feet

Well, I put things off sometimes, and we were late to send the door prize (happily, arrived by now). 

But I want to say  how much I appreciated PetSmart's contribution.  I arrived in a slight state of confusion (it was before Noon), and Jessica Jones helped me a lot.  First, I couldn't find the usual rattley mousies that Iza loves and that I wanted to send to Shaggy and Scout.  But she found some REALLY FANCY RATTLEY mousies sold individually.

It was a bit more than I was expecting to pay for a Door Prize, but when I mentioned the reason I wanted some, Jessica did some cool friendly form to allow her to donate the fancy rattley mice as a gift.

A GIFT from a store?  That's cool!  And it meant that I could buy a fancy electronic squeeky mouse and some fancy chicken treats to add to the Door Prize!

Now, obviously, I am thankful to PetsMart and to Jessica in particular, so I can't claim to be unbiased in thanking them.  But I haven't gotten FRIENDLIER service at the "other" local big pet store, and that matters to me on a personal level.  Products differ, but friendly service is most important to me.

Thank you, Jessica Jones.  You deserve a raise...  And thank you PetsMart for allowing Jessica to do that for us...