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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Washin Time

IZA: That cowlick on my back allus takes time ta tame down. 
Whew!!!   A girl's fur MUST be smoothed.
Now I can pay attention to the rest of me.
You'll forgive me if I don't show the nether cleaning...

Not Visiting

We have ta apologize fer not visitin our friends like we want to.  The reeson is simple.  TBT is losing his mind.  Its not just Grampa, the roof started leeking.  And that led to a visitor and THAT led to talking about new vinyl siding, and THAT means all kinna HECK is about to break loose here.

TBT assures us that we can stay in the bedroom but we might hear ALL KINNA noise.  So we are gonna get Nip Leafs twicet a day as that goes on.

TBT hadda crawl through all the joists an rafters to find the leak.  OF COURSE it was on the far end.  Like, he floored half the attic years ago. but it was the wrong half.  So he hadda do the monkey walk 6 times over the ceiling joists (and he says his muscles are still complainin about that)!  He says ta LOOK at it to find the leak, to get back, to bring a pan to catch the drips (a kitty litter pan, MOL!, to show the roofer the spot, an get back into the house.

So he is in an evil frame of mind and all his legs hurt from the monkey-walk.  An when he has an evil frame of mind, he gripes a lot.  So we aren't sure what happens next.  But we may be away sometime in the future week.

You'll know when it happens when ya dont see us fer a week...  It wont be fer a few days, but we dont know when it will start.  Then, it will be days unner the bed...

Ayla, Iza, and Marley