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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Changling House

OMC!  TBT talked to us about the changes to the house this morning.  We dint unnerstand fully.  Its not just the roof, the sides and, um, "rain-catcher things" are goin to change too.

OK, he mentioned "siding", but we dint unnerstand what that was.  Like, we sposed there were "sides" of roofs too.  But no, the whole outside of the house is gonna change.

The shocking thing is that we are NOT gonna be "The Bloo House" annymore!  We are gonna become "The Green House" inna week (roof Saturday, sides Tuesday/Wensday/Thursday).

This is vaguely trawmatic.  Fer ONE thing, we will have ta be careful when outside.  OUR house will look different and probly even SMELL diffrent (new plasticy things stink fer a long time to us).

The worst part is that all that werk means that there will be BANGING, NAILING, and (worse) strangers around fer 3 or 4 days instead of just one.

Or it may get delayed.  TBT says there is some Big Storm comin in a week.  Or mebbe just a little wimpy drizzle, he says he cant know yet.  Some guy named Isaac...  Why Isaac wants to (mebbe) ruin our house werk plans is beyond us, but "whoops, there it is".  TBT says we gotta just deal with it, it will be over soon, and that means a long time (that we will never have to worry about), and we will have a "sort of" new house.  Not the inside of course, but he says the outside matters too.  Like "furs"  OK, THAT we unnerstand, furs are impawtant.

We were slightly worried that furs could be changed.  We are kinna happy with ours and wouldnt wanna suddenly have green furs. 

Ours worries are not unfounded!
1.  We saw Alice in Wonderland and Beins were painting White roses Red.
2.  Scientists made mousies with green furs.
3.  A nature show had lizards who changed from brown to ALL COLORS!
4.  Ditto Octopusses. 
5.  TBT sometimes changes the colors on the puter, and we are SURE he dint ask the puter first!
6.  Have you SEEN what beings did to lions to make them TIGERS?  OK, tigers look cooler than lions, but do ya think they did that on their OWN?  HAH!

So we wanna make sure ya see what we look like ONE MORE TIME, just in case we end up looking all differnt!  OK?