Saturday, September 01, 2012

Noisy Morning!

What an AWFUL morning we had!  The noise from the roof werk was WORSE than TBT said it would be.  He apologized, explaining that he had heard the noise from other houses on the outside, but dint realize how much LOUDER it was when inside the house.

We spent some time at Alfie's party (which was great BTW), but when we got back, the noise was still goin on.  So we took the Katnip Lounge cats' offer to visit them.  That was a real nice visit!  The Catio is more impressive than pictures show.

But we came back and the noise was STILL goin on, so we stayed in the basement until it was all over.

Thankfully, it will be over a week before the other guys come over to change the siding and rain-catchy-things.  We NEED that long to recover.  And to guilt TBT into giving us more treats than usual...

There are some pictures of the werk that TBT took over HERE!

Now, fergive us, but we gotta LOT of nappin ta catch up on...