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Friday, September 07, 2012

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  I decided to be all 3 of us today!  Ya see, I heard TBT say ta Grampa that we were each so different, he could tell us apart in the dark by where we were and what we were doin.

So I wanted ta show him how NO Bein can truly unnerstand cats.  I mean, we DO usually do our own things, but we can ALSO do each others things (almost - Iza still cant jump).  Allow me ta demonstrate.

First, I got up on the bookcase shelves like Ayla.  I looked down on everything,
and then I looked up ta see where I would climb to next.
Then I pretended ta be ME (that part was REAL easy) by curling up on the old kitty kondo (my favrit spot).
Then I became Iza, nappin on the otto-man and showin her tummy...
and then stretching out over the edges.
In fact, I did so well that TBT hadda go find the girls ta make sure I hadnt stole their brains!