Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Sucky Machine

The sucky machine got all sick and it wouldnt eat anny dust from the floors anny more.

Have you EVER seen the sucky-machine monster dissected?  WE have!

Well, first, TBT sedated it by reducin its electric-food.  Then he TOOK IT APART.  We're SERIOUS, he DID that!

LOOK!  There's its guts and all...  We ALMOST felt sorry fer it, but really, look at all that nasty stuff in there...  WILD BRUSHES!  BRIGHT LIGHTS!  TURNY THINGS!  WHEELS!  BUMPERS!  AND "STUFF"!

And look at the tool he used.  Sharp, long, and all pointy at the end.  We bet he could kill an Evil Skwerl with THAT!  Mebbe even a Vishus Deer!
An ya see what he pulled out of its guts?  Thats OUR furs!  We killed it!  Well, OK, we dint actally "kill" it, but we sure made it DEATHLY SICK, it couldnt get breaths annymore with all our furs...

TBT hadda push BIG tubes down its guts and SHOVE them back and forth violently.  Then he went in with pliers.  We dont like the sucky machine, but we are sure glad we arent IT!
Unfortunately, TBT saved it.  We werent really happy about THAT, the thing is best left dead.  But TBT did make one good point.  Iffen it wasn't for the sucky machine, we would be wading around in our OWN furs hip deep in just a few years.  Even THAT dint seem too bad, but he said we would also be wading around in EACH OTHERS furs.  That dint seem very happifying.

So, OK, he can bring it back ta sucky-life. but we better get warnings, ya know?  So we can stay away from it, like usual.