Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:   Hi, and welcome to our Garden Tour.

Its almost Fall, and the cooler weather is bringing out good colors on our flowers!

The Autumn Joy Sedum is slowly turning red.
The Wave Petunias never spread very much, but the flowers getting more numerous.
The Forget-Me-Nots are pretty.  Small flowers, but a very nice bloo color.
The Asters are beginning ta bloom too.  There are lots of these pretty pink ones.
And the Stella D'Oro is reblooming again.  It stopped during the worst of the hots.
I like these fancy marigolds.  They been bloomin all year, but the flowers look best now.
This is our stripey grass plant.  No flowers, but the blades are innerestin.
Now lets sit unner the shade.  Marley an TBT put out some snacks.  We have some poached chick-hen, some ham, and some Niptinis (or milk).  TBT put out a carrot as a joke, but I made him take that away...