Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Lovely Camping Date

IZA:  I had SUCH a lovely camping date with Sweet Spittikins!  We caught voles (and Spitty cooked them purrfectly), he joined in Hide and Seek with Marley, Ayla and me, and we had a precious night of napping in the tent together.  He only flinched ONCE when he heard an owl hooting across the street (which is pretty good fer a city King).

Um, Spittikins, you DO know that "what happens in the tent, STAYS in the tent" right?  No "story fer another time" OK?

TBT made me a poster ta hang over my favrit nappin spot:
But I'll probly remember the daisies and the image of him fussing over the vole filets most.  The KING, on his paws, turning the filets and tossing Nip leaves on them.  The light from the charcaol reflecting off his handsome furs...  The glow in his eyes...  The OH!  sorry, I got a bit carried away there.

Annyway, the message I struggled with in my poor French and left as a comment on his blog SHOULD have read:

"It was indeed a Camp of Lovely Snuggles sweet Spittikins.  I never napped better than with your royal head on my tummy.  The daisies were beautiful and I will cherish them until Marley has eaten the last petal!

I was so happy you liked my camping gear.  It is from REI; only the best for a KING!  But I was impressed at how well you cooked the vole filets on the charcoal starter.  It was very resourceful and you have a real talent for outdoors cooking!  And it made my tummy more full and padded (wink, wink).

You did really well at the Hide and Seek game.  Marley has decided you are “OK”, and that is pretty good words from a brother to his sister’s boyfriend!

Hoping we can have further adventures and dates...

Iza Lovey"