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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: Ive been gettin out more and more lately.  Iza is usally out with me (Ayla tends to stay inside or just stay up on the deck) and TBT.  Ive been gettin really coorious about the other side of this big fence. 

I can SEE stuff on the other side but I cant fit through the gaps.
And that looks pretty high even with this old carpet ta stand on.  Ayla can get up though...
 Oh well, I guess I'll think more about the fence later.  There is plenty ta see inside the yard.
Iza hangs around me. (I think she is sposed ta watch me in case I try ta get out of the yard).
There are mousie holes all OVER the place, but are never out when I am.
I love sniffin into brushy places where it is good ta lay down and nap or hide fer an ambush!
But its time ta go in now.  TBT is shakin the treat jar...