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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Go Out Too

AYLA:  Hi - I just wanned ta show that I DO TOO go out in the yard in spite of what Marley said yesserday!  Here, we were all just goin out copule days ago.
I went RIGHT OUT on the lawn.
I sniffed around some of the mousie holes (well, they are almost all voles here).
I checked the flowerbeds ta make sure TBT been keepin up on his weedin (yes he has).
I allus examine annything long an skinny ta make sure its a hose an not a snakie!
And I looked ta see where the hose stopped so I wouldnt get caught by surprise.
The problem I have outside is that Marley gets rather over-ecited and decides I am prey.  He CHASES me almost everytime.  So I end up on the top of the fence.  Then theres no where ta go but over.  TBT gets upset with both Marley (fer chasin me) and ME (fer goin over the fence).  But Im good about coming back these days after only a few minnits!