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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time Out...

I'm tired.  And  don't want the flochy bot near.

UPDATE:  TBT Here - Wow, They are SUPPOSED to let me know when they have a post for me to fix up, but apparently Ayla hit the wrong button trying to save it to draft.  Lets see...  The "flochy bot" is the "flashy box", or camera.  But she cant recall what "our local u fs" is.  We were all up real late...  Maybe it will come to her later.

Catchin Up!

We have been remiss.  TBT said that to us, we think it means "busy".  We got a wunnerful package from Punnipipurri weeks ago.

We are bad kitties fer not showin the pictures til now...  TBT says we will ONLY get our reglar treats fer a day. 

But LOOK at the great stuff!

First, of course, there was the package.  We all love the packages. 
And then there was the insides.  We LOVE the insides of packages addressed to us!!!
I usally test them out first.
Score:  100!
It flys!  Its a Magical Flying Fish!
It dips!  (Notice Marley hiding, he wants to see it won't grab him)
 Utterly grabbable by ME!!!
Thank you SO MUCH all the Punapipurri Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!