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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Oh boy, I get ta do the garden tour this week!   And this week, it WILDLIFE!!!

First is my favrit.  Its an ant lion pit.  The ant lion hides in the bottom and waits fer an ant to fall over the edge.  And when it cant climb out, the ant lion GRABS it an pulls it unner the dirt!  Is that COOL or what?
This neat guy hovers like a hummerbird, looks like a bee, but its a moth.
We dont know what this is, but its big and looks fierce...
Speaking of fierce, this snakie is getting warm on the storm drain grate an waitin fer a frog to come along.  Its small but I wouldnt get TOO close.
We got 3 goldfishies in the pond ta prettify it.  Theyve been in there since Ayla moved here.  And NO, we dont eat the decorations!
And finally, we have frogs in the pond.  They make funny noises , especially when snakie grabs them...  But theres always more frogs.
Ayla is wavin an saying our snacks are up on the deck.  We have crumbled meatloaf!  And chicken kibble for those more tradionally oriented...  Olus Ayla has made Meowgaritas and there is Nip leafs fer appetizers.

Thank you so much fer coming ta visit...