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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thursday Garden Tour

AYLA:  We almost dint do a garden tour today cuz it was all rainy earlier.   But it stopped an I decided that iffen annyone wanted ta visit today, I was willin ta get my paws wet.  Marley an Iza both said "No Way, Today".

So here we go...

The Mums have finally opened.  They are a bit curled cuz they were flopped over an TBT just got them staked up.  Theyll look bushier an spread out better inna few days.
The Autmn Joy Sedum as gone to its final brick red color.  There arent as many flowers as in past years.  They had troubles with the dry summer. 
The marigolds are still bloomin good.   TBT says he will plant more (in differnt colors) next year.
The little bloo Forget-Me-Not flowers are still nice, too!
I really like these wave petunias.  But this one in the pot is the only one of them that grew at all well this year.

Our goldenrod plants did pretty well.  And they are the only bright yellow flower we have.
Now lets get up on the deck an dry our paws off!  We have some fresh Nip Salad, some roasted pork, and some Grasshoppers (the drink, not the bug - the bugs all hide when it is wet out).

Thanks so much fer visitin on this damp Thursday!