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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Awardie Wensday

AYLA:  Ahem!  (Is this microphone on?)  Ahem.  As the eldest cat in the house, and as a Princess used to public ceremonies, I have been chosen taken it upon myself to announce that we were awarded the Addictive Blog Award by Nerissa
We are THRILLED!  As the first ta be awarded this awardie [What Marley?  Oh, not first?]  Ahem!  As one of the FEW blogs [What NOW Marley?  Oh, many?]  Ahem!!!  As a proud recipient of this wunnerful award, we thank Nerissa.  And we thank Onespoiledcat fer giving it to Nerissa, and we thank the one who gave it to Onespoiled cat, and back and back to the ONE who started it, whoever that may be.  Who, of course, surely had US in mind fer receiving it at this special point of time in the general course of Feline existence on the planet Catearth in the Milk galaxy in the Treat universe. 

Thank you all for coming.  And [WHAT?  MARLEY, IF YOU INNERUPT ME ONE MORE TIME... Oh, passing it on?]  AHEM!  Apparently, we have some administrative details to take care of.  Like, "why we blog and how we started"  and passing it along to others we find addictive.  And since Marley has been SO HELPFUL, I will simply turn the podium over to him right now.  TAKE IT, MARLEY!

MARLEY:  WHAT?  Ack, I wasnt expecting that.  Um, "why we blog an how it started?"  I dont really know.  Help!

TBT:  Calm down Marley, I'll help with this part; none of you were here then...

Second part first...  In 2004, I found Max The Psychokitty's blog at work while looking up some cat stuff.  I followed it at home for 2 years.  When I retired in 2006, I noticed a button on his or another's blog (I found a few others at Max's blog) about "free blog, press here".  Skeeter and LC had been reading Max's blog with me, and they wanted their own.  I swallowed a couple of nervous breaths and *clicked*.

It was a bit confusing at first, but I figured it out well enough to make a 1st post for them.  It was Skeeter and LC's blog from the start.

First part second...  We blog because we met such great cat friends in the earliest days (and to today).  We wanted to try doing the same.  Skeeter and LC LOVED telling me about the day's adventures in a way that they hadn't before.  Oh, they told me about them of course, we ALWAYS talked to each other.  But it became in more detail.  And eventually with pictures.  When Skeeter and LC saw their pictures on the blog the first time, they were just SO PROUD.

And there was an unexpected consequence of blogging.  Because they were so proud of blogging, they wanted other kitties to see their blog.  So we started visiting other kitty's blogs to see what they did on THEIR blogs.  And then THEY started visiting US, and it kind of snowballed (um, if your name is Snowball, don't worry, there's no connection).

So it was Skeeter (Mosquito) and LC (Little Cow, Lucky Cat) at first.

Two years after the blog started, Skeeter had to leave for the Bridge, but Ayla had joined the group.  A year after THAT, LC had to leave, and Iza joined right after.  Then Marley came along another two years later.

So the blog started because of Skeeter and LC who wanted to blog after seeing Max and others blogging, but is now Ayla, Iza, and Marley, who think blogging is just a part of life because they always have.  I hope it will stay that way for many many years!

Now, for the passing of the award, I turn it over to Iza!  TAKE IT IZA!!!

IZA:  WHAT???  You know I HATE research!  Argghhh...  OK, be back in an hour or so!

("An hour or so" later...)

I We hereby award this award to the following well-deserved addictive blogs in MY OUR humble opinions...

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