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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Earning My Treats...

IZA:  Ok, OK, I gave in.  There is SOMETHIN about Grampa I like.  He doesnt move a lot, he has a gentle hand, and (how can I say this right?).

He lives here, and that matters.  I need to deal with him, and as a Tonky, I love Beins.  Its in the blood.  So tonight, I took the Big Leap.  Onto his lap, that is.

 It wasnt the best lap I've been on.  His legs are apart and both feet on the floor, so there is no lap-cup, iffen ya know what I mean.  But he was happy about me gettin up there, and THATS a good start.

I did the usual circle, and found enough support to settle on.  A small pillow would have helped some, but ya cant allus have a mousie in the food bowl, ya know?  I curled up fer a good hour and Grampa stroked me "reasonably" well.

We both fell asleep at about the same time, so I guess I did good.  Pictures follow...

We are BOTH sleepyheads...

I may do this again.  Grampa doesnt squirm like TBT does.