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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Night Picture

AYLA: We often sleep all 3 close together (or at least 2 of us), but sometimes we spread out to keep TBT firmly in place.  He tosses an turns, ya know...  An watever that might mean fer HIM, it disturbs US, which is SERIOUS!

So last night, we spread around him.  Here is Iza, holding down his right side...
 Marley spread across both legs...
And ME on his left.
He still moves a bit.  We try our best, but it would be easier iffen we weighed about eleventy-twelve pounds each.  Iza says she is TRYIN ta get to that, but she seems stuck at about 13 pounds.  More cats would help, too, but we're not sure that would be worth it.  I mean, who wants more competition at dinner or fer laptime?  Even with Grampa here, we're still a lap short as it is.