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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurry Cane

Well, we are still waitin fer the Hurry Cane to GO AWAY, and we are spending the time ACTIVELY RESTING...  
Grampa is still all worried about the Hurry Cane, but TBT is not (much).  He esplained to us that Grampa is seeing the forecasts fer Philadelphia and New York and doesnt unnerstand that those places are not HERE.  And when the newpeople talk about power outages that will happen "all over", Grampa doesnt beleeve that our unnerground cables will (probably) keep OUR power on here in our little corner of South Merryland.

But TBT has lived here a squillion years so we have decided to lissen to him and not worry about it (much).  In fact, so far, we have had worse regular storms...

Meanwhile, we will be purring fer our furiends who are more in the path of the Hurry Cane and hope their power stays on too (or gets fixed fast).