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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Oh my goodness, we got TWO awardies today!

As a group, we got the new "Nip Awardie" Nerrissa created and The Celestial Kitties passed on to US!   It a lovely one and we are collectively VERY proud to receive it.

We need to mention something we want to celebrate.  We decide to celebrate FOOD!  We know we just posted this picture, but we are STILL ecited, so ..

An THEN I, Marley, got an awardie to ME individually!  I am stunned.  I never got one just fer ME before.  It was from SPITTY!  Its the Nip Awardie too, but this one is just fer ME, so I gotta make it a little different.

That's EASY.  While I like the FOODS, I also like OUTSIDE!  In fact, I wanna go out in the morning even BEFORE I get breakfast.  Ya know why?  Cuz I catch MOUSIES outside and they are BETTER than canned BREAKFAST!  I like MOUSIES better than TREATS!

Now we all gotta figure who ta pass them along to.

We are gonna send The Nip Awardie to:

Katie Isabella
Mr Puddy (Hoping he is still with us)
Prancer Pie
Scarlett and Melly
Eric and Flynn

We would give the awardie to ALL our friends, but TBT said we could only pick 5.