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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

To Spittikins, My Love...

Ayla is helping me send a romantical poem JUST to you my dear one...

"My love is like a crippled mouse
Newly out of hole.
My love is like that crippled mouse
For you to et down whole. 

Ayla, you are SURE this only goes to Spitty?  

"Of COURSE dear sisfur, only HE will see this". 

Um, OK...

For you are plump, my lovely boy
I treasure evry ounce.
And when you are so sure of me,
I know you'll make the pounce.

You said you had a purrsonal address, right, Ayla?

"Yes of course.  When have I ever steered you wrong?... 

Well, since you mention it...

"Not now dear sisfur"... 

When all the lawn is dead and sere,
When all the mousies flee,
I'll stand beside your side my dear,
When all you have is me.

Are you SURE?  I mean, this could be REALLY embarassin... 

Yes, trusssst me.   Heh heh heh...  I mean (cough cough), it will be for Spitty's eyes only! 

So fare thee well, my only love
And fare thee well awhile.
Yet know that in my deepest heart,
I love you like a mile ."

So I just press "here"?  

"Oh yes, please do.  Um I mean, YES that is the button to send yer poem to Spitty and no one else ta see .  In fact, you should probbly not look at the computer screen fer a few days.  Give Spitty time to think about yer poem, ya know?  And don't mention this to TBT either."

Well, only the poem goes, right? None of this talk?  And just to Spitty?  OK...  *click*