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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY here:  The girls seem to be having some, um, pouty hissy-fit today, so I think its a good idea ta get outside.  I hope you will allya join me.

I TOLD TBT that things were lookin a bit dreary out in the garden.  The annuals were gone by...
And the Mums dint look too good either...
 So he followed my suggestions.  Pulled up the annuals what were gone fer the year, and left this bare area. 

Hey, he read us a story few nights ago about some wolfie what said "better ta EAT you with, my dear"   Which was kinna cool.  I think it was about mousies inna house.

But it made me think about plantin NEW ones what could stand the Winter.  Like "better ta pull you UP my dears so we can plant new ones".  Well, it made sense when I THOUGHT of it annyway.

But he paid attention to me an pulled all the old dedded ones out.  It looked like this...
So ya know what he did?  Srsly, do you?

Yes, he bought some of those what do like winter, an he planted THEM.  I DID havta help him figure out a pattern.   Im good at patterns...  There are alternatively changed purples and yellows ones there. 
HE thinks its fer the colors, but I have it arranged to attract mousies.

See all those leafs on the ground?  I arranged them that way.  Cause I KNOW what attracts mousies!  And OH BOY, do I find mousies around the flowers!  I hardly have ta eat that stuff inside what Ayla and Iza loves (especially Iza). .  See, I know what they like (leafs littered), an I'm tryin ta expand their range.  More fer me, ya know?

And that means more fer ALLA US!  Today's garden tour treats is MOUSIES!!!  Come join me fer a real feast.  Every 5th leaf or so has a mousie unner it an there are LOTS of leafs! 
Let me show the the great places...