Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Meowing

AYLA:  *sigh*  OK, I admit it.  I SHOULDNT have done it.  I "helped" Iza write what must be (I then did hope) the WORST romantical poem of ALL time just to play a trick on her...

I should have known better!  There is NO SUCH THING as an awful romantical poem.  The value is in the intent, not the quality.  Iza meant every GOOD THOUGHT of her poem (that I messed up as much as possible) with feelings of love.  Never mind the (rather creepy) "my love is like a crippled mouse"  or the "lawn is dead and sere" stuff that I slipped in.  Oh c'mon, she BOUGHT that?

Even I was shocked!

So now I am embarassed.  I played on Izas emotions.  It was like picking goldfishies out of an open crowded tank.  The truly embarrassing thing is that she STILL doesn't quite unnerstand what I did.  Shes only angry in the most vague sense that I did SOMETHING, but she isnt quite sure what.

Iza is a simple soul.  Iffen she was a Bein, she would (according to deep discussions I have had with TBT the past 2 nights) be an "Earth-Mother hippie who trusts everyone and doesn't even comprehend the idea of tricks".  Such a sweet innocent does not deserve that kind of trick...

So it was very nice that Spitty came over yesserday and cuddled with her a while, telling her how much he liked getting a love poem from here (and glaring at me several times).

We all slept together after dinner.  Iza didn't mind at ALL (though I DID stay close ta Marley). 
I dint push a glass of water over on her either.  Ive decided ta be nice ta her fer a while...