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Saturday, November 24, 2012

An Awardies!!!

IZA:  I am thrilled!  Spitty, my lovey wunnerful mancat has given ME the Blog of 2012 Award!  OK, he also mentioned "All of us", but I know what he meant!  He meant ME!!!  Take THAT girlcats!

So first, I wanna send this back to SPITTY (my love, eternal flame, and cuddle-happiness).  I want him to have a new star from ME evry week!  An today is The First Week.

But there are others I love (OK, WE love, who deserve ta start (or add to) their 6 stars too).

I (Ouch, hey, "whap whap whap"), OK, WE want to award this to...

Brian, for all his werk for other kitties.
Celestial Kitties, for being STARS in the universe.
Little Cat Feet, For Being our friends for so long.
The Meezers,  For being one of our blog's First Friends.
Sumac Stories, Another earliest friends.
Katnip Lounge, For being one on the most special pawsome places that cats can live.
Max The Psychokitty, who started Skeeter, LC, and TBT on this whole adventure, which we continue.
Prancer Pie, Who all of them remind of of us sometimes.
Pikkupunapippuri, Who we met through Secret Paws and have loved being friends with since.

With the unnerstanding we love you all others, but we got tired and needed our naps, so unnerstand we think ALL our friends deserve it.  We just. um, just, uhhh, ouh oh, naps hittin us...  Add more...  'morrow, and, um...uh... Fallin asleep...  Going bye.....  bye...


TBT here:  The cats are all tossed-toys-out, nommed-out, an sleepin, so they are fergetting to TELL you you got the awardies.  I hope you visit an find out, cause that long list is too long for ME to follow-up on.  I'm gonna nap out myself...  But I'll help them tomorrow!  It's just hard to stay awake with cats sleepin all over the desk...  Purring...  Purring...