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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bye, Bye Birdy...

I caught a birdie yesserday!  I jumped out of the bushes and landed on it hiding in the ivy.  I grabbed it in my mouf and brought it out onto the open lawn.  [TBT: Its true, I saw him do it]

But when I tried to get it unner my paws it got away and flew over the dead area in the corner where there are just leafs.  So I pawed around through the leafs fer an hour, but I couldn't find it again.  So I had a GREAT idea!

I went back to where I caught it to see iffen it was still there. I werked through THAT spot fer another hour.  I was really surprised it wasn't there.  I mean, thats where it was to BEGIN with.  It SHOULD have been there again...


AYLA:  Poor Marley.  He thinks that same birdie was at the original spot.  What he SHOULD have been lookin for was a DIFFERNT birdie at the same spot!  You know what they say "Fevver birdies flock together", so iffen ONE birdie liked that spot, others should too, Duh!


IZA:  I'll just wait fer one of them to bring a birdie (or mousie, who cares?) up on the deck and rush out an grab it.