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Monday, December 10, 2012

Skeeter - On His Fifth Bridge Day

TBT here:  I found this in my treasure chest a few days ago.

When Skeeter was just a kitten,  I saw an offer from SweetTarts to get a card and wallet for a "kid".  Naturally, I went for it.  There was a "Club Card":

And a wallet that was a mix of blue and pink for all kids.  I still have it. The pink has faded a bit...

It was sent to "Skeeter Spencer", the first time I thought of my cats having a last name.

I miss you, Skeeter.  Every day.  Tears leak when I think of you.  LC missed you too.  Ayla , Iza, and Marley are good cats and they love me (and I love them), but no cat will match you from your time.  They sure do a good job of doing their best, though.  You would love them all now and will admire them and love to be with them when their time comes to cross the Bridge to join you and LC in play and napping among the sunpuddles and flowers.

The Family has to stay together...  I'll join you and LC and the past kitties and all one day myself.  What a wonderful grand reunion that will be...

I will lay myself down in the wildflower meadow and you will all crowd on me.  But you will have the prime spot and they won't mind, because they will understand...  And we will all be happy together.

Four years, and not a day goes by without my thoughts of you...

Special among all cats...  Of all I've met and all I've known...  16 years was not enough.  Miss you. Love you.