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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Computer "Noel" Problem Solved

We are delighted to say we have a brand new shiny (and clean) keyboard now.  One of the problems with having Apple equipment is that to get new stuff you have to go to special stores (few and far between) or order it online and wait a couple days.

Well, on a hunch, TBT checked for Apple keyboards at a couple local stores and found that Apple KEYBOARDS can be bought locally.  Neither he nor us have anny idea WHY, but we are grateful to Best Buy (our apologies to other local stores what may have the Apple keyboards too, just that's where he found one).

This last keyboard had the L wear out an the previous one had the O die.  We figure (the way he  types with 4 fingers an one thumb), he must really hit that part of the keyboard hard!!!

But we are glad to be typing "like L again instead of #1" (he thinks that is halarious; we dont get it).

Oh, we are reminded that we gotta show some toesies today, too.