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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Secret Paws!

IZA:  We FINALLY got ta open our Secret Paws Package yesserday!

Its from Friends Furever!  We figured it out by looking at the Blogoshere map (and Ellie's name was inside on a wrapping paper, MOL)!

Its a BIG Box...  We examined it all over afore TBT opened it.  Ooh lookit wrappings! And then GREAT stuffs came out!
We sniffed the first package carefully.
But we couldnt figure out what it might be.
So I began to open it.
Ooh, its a warm fuzzy kitty-blankie.  I love those!
It has the cutest little Santa Kittie-Helpers all over it...
Marley came over ta take a look at it too.
While I was enjoyin it, he went over and batted at the ckrinkly
But came back to wait his turn for a test.
Tomorrow - The other great stuff from the box!

Thank you Friends FurEver!