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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chrissy Mouse Prezzie

AYLA: Our Aunti Susie and Uncle Walt came to visit us just before Chrissy Mouse Day and they brought us a prezzie!  Its some really cool Nip toys.  There are shrimps and ornaments and a cheese wheel!
Iza tore right into it and started scatterin stuff.
I investigated a shrimpie an decided I liked it.
Iza yelled at me that these toys were all HERS, but I bravely guarded a shrimpie an the cheese wheel for myself. 
So Iza ignored the toys I claimed and spent her time with the others.
Fer a moment, she wasnt sure which to play with next...
But she decided she liked that green ornament the best.
Marley and I think we will probly let her claim that ONE toy fer all her own.
I carried my shrimpie all over the house all evening.