Monday, December 31, 2012

Mousie 1

MarIey:  See, I toId you a was catchin mousies!!!
Even iffen Iza pIays with them more...

And AyIa sniffs them...

 But I caught it...

See the mousie?
It gots TEEFS!!!
But I dedded it!

Mancat Monday

MarIey:  It is very mancatIy to have a few scars and scrapes from time to time.  Here is my best one this month!
A voIe did that as we were pIayin.  I thought it was rather MEAN of him, so I ATE him right after...  VoIes are a bit feistier than reguIar mousies.  TBT says he is gIad Ive never caught a skwerreI, it might mean a trip to the vet.  Id take that chance though, just to GET one.

ActaIIy, I had 3 of those mousie-bites on my neck, but TBT couId onIy get the one picture cuz my furs were kinna stuck to the others and he thought he shouId Ieave them aIone.

Ya know whats nice?  When TBT rubs his fingers gentIy over the scabbies when Im curIed up on his Iap.  They itch a IittIe, and the rubbin feeIs good.  But it aIso means he can feeI what a good mousie-hunter I am!

New Header, too, BTW...