Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Peep Attack!

MARLEY:  I was sitting by some vole-holes today, when, much to my surprise, a Peep Marathon came thundering through the yard.

It triggered pounce-mode!  And, Duh, I  pounced.  I had whistles blown at me by officials, and that WAS kinna weerd, but I couldn't stop myself.  I pawed and clawed like a madcat.  There were SO many of the little moving things!  Those Peep things went FLYING in all directions.  And I suspect that chihuahua woofie official is not gonna mess with cats again ( I only scratched his nosie, but he went running away yelling fer help).  I swear I didn't bite his paw.  He did that hisself! In frustration.

But it dint seem to stop them Peeps in the least bit!  They just stood up and started running again.  It was like I was just a bump in the road.

I do apologize to runner #227.  I bit its head off and it tasted AWFUL!!!  Squishy and altogether "too sugary".  I won't pounce peeps again, but Im afraid that #227 isn't going to be doin any runs annymore.  Give me a vole or a kibble ANY time...

I have some last werds fer #227.  Ptoo!  Yack, Yack, Ptoo!  Relatives can claim the remains at the Green House here.  And don't worry, I wont touch you a bit...  *yack*...

I have asked TBT to Peep-proof the fence...

We, officially, deport and dement 
That WE witnessed the actal event.
How Marley ascribed it is the way that it went
Cuz he paid us in treats and those treats are all et.

  ~ Ayla and Iza

PEE ESS:  We found a neat reference to a Germanic goddess Oester, who, finding a freezing bird, gave it a bunny's fur to keep it warm.  Hence, the bunny who lays eggs...  We cant find it again to give a link though...

Saturday, March 30, 2013


A Little Box Fun...  In reverse...

We talked it over and agreed to share.
Iza comes over to the box...
I enter the new box and check it out.

Friday, March 29, 2013


IZA:  Me again.  Those are NOT my front paws.
Im a "contortionist" (TBT says) whatever that is.
I just like to get "comfortable".

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: This is a hard time of year for the Garden Tour, but I am doing my best.

There are a few hyacinths trying to bloom well.  They are almost 10 years old (says TBT), and fading away.
This is THE FIRST DAFFODIL patch TBT planted 25 years ago.  He says it was originally 5 bulbs.  They are too crowded now.  Not a single bloom for the first time.  I am telling him to dig them up the hard way. and replant them  He is inclinedtry cutting most of the leaves off and let those few bulbs regrow.  We are discussing the issue.
 A few more old hyacinths blooming.  The flowering will not look like catalog pictures, but TBT is reluctant to dig them up.  He hates digging work and Im pretty sure I cant dig down that far. 
 The other original daffodil patch does continue to flower.  They can be allowed to continue.
Another hyacinth patch blooms.  They look better in real life than this picture.  One of those odd camera failures...
Since we are posting rather late, no after-tour snacks.  We will try to do better in the future.  But annykitty who wants to can come romp on our cat trees with us!  Friday too!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whisker Hump Wensday

IZA:  Me again.  I should charge TBT for these pictures.  Oh wait, I do.  Food and scritichies...
Mebbe I should triple the cost.
OK, mebbe just double it.  Um, I DO get a lot of lap time.  And unner-the-covers time..

OK, call it even.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  I think the other 2 should take their turns at this...
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow in Maryland In March?

We looked outside this morning.  We were THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED!  TBT says it has never snowed this late in March before.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Well, we havent done this fer a while.  Not all of us in one Easy picture.

So we oughtta...
And dont miss old missy goosey down near the floor!  She doesn't talk anny, but she is part of the fambly too.  We jus dont mention her often.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stayin IN

AYLA:  Marley and Iza might like to go outside even on cold or windy days but I do not. 
I stay by the door and watch the birds an evil skwerls, but I want to stay nice and warm.  I've stayed inside since last Fall!  And plan to wait until the weather is Much better.
I HAVE stepped a few feet out on the deck lately, but TBT just waits cuz he knows Im comin right back IN!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Towel Test

MARLEY:  Sometimes ya just HAVE ta get on really COLORFUL stuff.
I did it cuz I wanned ta see what I looked like.
Thats a REALLY color-contrastin towel.
I LIKE the way I look on it.  But my lovely orange DOES trump the towel, right? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring's Flowers

IZA:  We have crocuses bloomin.  I butted in to show the best bunch.  
There were others.  I left them alone.   This one used to be fuller. but I think the voles are gettin at them.  I have ta catch more voles...
 THIS one is good.
I love the purples.
TBT is sad though.  He says they USED ta be much bigger patches.  I unnerstand, but I can't stop ALL the voles.  I'll try better THIS year though.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

snow, Snow, SNOW!

There was snow n the deck this mornin.  We wern't thrilled!
Mousie-droppings stuff was COLD!
We went out, but back in afore TBT could get pictures.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time Passes Hard Sometimes

TBT here...

In the earliest days
When the cat-blogs were new,
I knew ALL the cats,
and the losses were few.

As the cat-blogs increased
and the days sped away,
My friends all grew older,
And I'm sorry to say,

That the losses grew frequenter
My heart became weakier
By seeing some friends leave this Earth
Almost monthier.

And then it was weekly,
It seemed so routine
To see a good friend
O'er The Bridge it did seem.

And now it seems daily!

And I stop this rhyme.  It is becoming so hard to hear of one friend or at least known cat after another passing over the Bridge.  I can hardly bear it.  I can only leave what seem to me to be such inadequate few words of comfort.  I sit and cry each and every time, but my comments seems so lame, saying so much less than I want to say, but not knowing how to say more.

I (and we all) know how much the loss of the dear friends mean to each and every one who has lost them, and I apologize for not being able to create a grand and loving farewell to all the kitties who mean so much to me (and especially their Beings) and deserve better comments from me when they travel to the Bridge. 

I can't type through the tears.

How creative can you be when you just can't see the keyboard anymore?  And remembering your own losses while trying to think of good words to those good Beings sufferring a new loss?

I'm a guy, and I don't have much experience at this.  When I was younger and a friend lost a loved one, it was a tentative "tap on the shoulder and I'm sorry, dude".  That was enough between us.  But put into words as a comment on a blog, it sounds so lame.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish I could say more specific things to each person who has lost a beloved cat about that ONE cat and the loss you are feeling, but I can't.  I keep having to push the keyboard away to save it from the tears that are falling like rain.

The tears like rain are what I can offer.  You won't see them, but they are there.  Constant, unstopping, a tissue-box full.  I can't show them over the computer, but they are here,  So know that when I mention our "Best Purrs of Comfort", there is a lot more behind the simple words.

I am crying with you, for you, of you, to you, and knowing your pain of loss.  I know (as most of us but the luckiest do) the pain.  Just forgive me if I can't put THAT part in words at the right time as well as I would like to.

I listen to Connie Francis singing "I Will Wait For You".  I'd give a link but it just keeps going to some amateur youtube video...


For Eric...  Forever...