Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Tunnel!

AYLA:  TBT opened a package from up on the closet shelf yesserday.  It from a box marked "unopened toys".  Understandably, we find the concept of there being a box marked "unopened toys" very disturbin, but it is way up where even Ayla cant get to it, so theres nothin we can do to investigate it!

But annyway, look what he took out of it - a Tunnel! 
We were cautious about it at first, but TBT dropped a treat in the middle opening, so Marley HAD to go in after it.
Iza finally went in after one too.  Marley watched carefully...
But she dint go all the way through and backed out.  It makes weerd crinkling sounds!
I stuck my head in, but I decided not to try it yet.
Im just not sure about this.
Marley keeps waiting to see more treats dropped inside...
TBT says he is gonna put it in the bedroom doorway and close the door up against it to encourage us to go all the way through.  We'll see about THAT!


  1. We have one of those and we love it! The first night we got it, Truffle played in it for hours!

  2. Hey Ayla, you see those stringy ties? Those are very fun to nom on while you contemplate your next move. AND it ensures the tunnel stays where it is since TBT won't be able to tie it up for storage. :p

  3. I think that tunnel looks like FUN!

  4. OMC - you have a tunnel too??? We LOVE our tunnel.

  5. I think you will all LOVE that thing before too long, but I predict some amazing jumps over that thing in the doorway! hee hee

  6. It's nice that there are three of you around when new things like this appear - you can give each other support and encouragement to try new things. Have fun.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Give it time guys. I love my crinkly tunnel. It's so fun. Tell your staff to play in there with you- he can dangle a string thru the hold to get you going.

  8. That tunnel is great! We have one and love it. The mom puts our toys in it and we run through and push all the toys out!

  9. Oooohhhh, tunnels are fun!! Tatiana likes to run through it and smack the dog! Enjoy!!

  10. Just close you eye and go running all the way through!!!

  11. I was a little 'spishus of mine too, but I think one of you will chase the others through soon enough!

    Thanks for the NekoFly suggestion--the Human will try that before she gives up and gives it to the cousins.

  12. We has been ignoring our tunnel. Mommy has threatened to puts it away for the summer so when she brings it out later, wes will think its brand new!
    Me likes to hides in the tunnel and waits for an unsuspecting prey to walks by..then me leaps out with a great hunter's leap and gnaw on the unsuspecting!!!

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  14. Great pictures and report!

    We last had ours out over a year ago.

    Nikita and Elvira


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