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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

We are just chillaxin on the big softy-water bed today after the BIG PARTY yesserday.. 
Its really is the best place in the house.
Softest, too.
And we get closer here than most anny other place.  TBT likes that.
But we ARE lookin forward to treat time...  Which WE THINK is a bit overdue.  So we are stayin a bit more alert fer sounds than usual...


  1. You all look pretty comfy there. We hope you get those treats on the bed so you don't hafta move.

  2. Look Comfy and Plenty of room !!!
    Would you mind if I join ?
    Love the sound of TREATS after this chillaxation..tee..heh

  3. That is one happy Trio of Easy!

  4. Hee hee, everyone is on high alert when treat time is coming up!

  5. Mommy bought extra treats..come on over!

  6. You get treat TIME? Like on a schedule? We are lucky if my human remembers to give us ANY!

  7. We just finished treat time, mum never gives us enough.

  8. We used to have a waterbed, til it sprung a leak. We loved it too, cuz it was always warm!

    And little know fact, that is how Brighton got his nickname (and name) Surfer Dude. When he was on the water bed and our petsitter kids made 'waves' they said he was 'Surfing' then I had to pick a name for him that fit and that was Brighton, a beach town and surf haven in Cornwall England...

  9. Oh! Kozmo and me gets close for treat time too!
    That bed looks wonderful!

  10. We're jealous you get to rest on the water bed.

  11. Your treat time (yum yum) is also TBT's treat time (gets to see the 3 of you close)!

  12. MOL Scylla missed the treats this morning, apparently she didn't hear Mommy open the bag, more for me. ~Socks

  13. The bed seems to bring out the desire to get cozy in everybuddy. That looks like a nice warm floaty waterbed. Does anybuddy get sea sick? We sleeps on our Sleeps Number bed. Mom like her side at 90(like sleepin on a slab of granite), but we cats have out side at 45 which is perfect for making little nestlike dents to cuddle in. We hardly ever have fights or hissy events once we are in bed for the night.
    We demand that our treats (Outdoor Adventures this week)be served promptly at 3PM PDT.
    Thanks for having a great Birthday party Iza. We have been recovering all day after overdosing on food & fun. We can't imagine what you will have next year to top this one. Thanks to TBT for keeping the litter boxes sparkley clean for everyone. He can handle that scoop like a pro when he has too.


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