Friday, May 17, 2013


TBT:  You know how sometimes the cats all have good spots to sleep though the night?  And not on you sometimes?  And sometimes you don't worry about that?  And you know you got them in before dark?

What if you forgot where they were?

I forgot yesterday.

I had a very peaceful night in bed.   But at 6 am I suddenly woke up and realized they WEREN'T in the house.  I nomally just KNOW where they all are.  I was stunned.  I ran out onto the deck in my underwear and there they were all sleeping happily on the deck near the door.

They woke up. stretched and sauntered inside as if it was normal.  Oh man, did they eat a lot of food though.  And even Marley didn't complain when I picked him up afterwards!

We all went to bed after that for another 5 hours.  We all slept like logs.  Marley and Iza were under the blankets with me, and Ayla was on top of my legs as she prefers for some unaccountable reason.

I can't believe that I lost track of where they were.  In 45 years of cats, that has never happened before.  I sure hope it never happens again...


  1. I think I'd have freaked out, but it sounds like they were none the worse for wear. They probably enjoyed some interesting night life before curling up for their al-fresco naps!

  2. How scary! Sounds like the kittehz probably had a great night out. But, we're glad they're safe and sound. Purrs for TBT's wrecked nerves.

  3. I guess it was scary for you, but apparently not for them!

  4. Uh oh! How scary. Glad everyone was okay.

  5. We're glad the kitties were all waiting at the door for you. After that scare, it's no wonder you needed another 5 hours of log like sleep!

  6. Yes, ditto Sparkle, scary for you but not for them. We're glad they're okay! Our human says she'd have needed a stiff drink or three...then a five-hour nap. :-)

  7. That sounds rather odd Mark. Did you have something preying on your mind perhaps? As others have already said, it sounds as though the cats enjoyed themselves. If you don't watch out, they might ask you to do it again this evening.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. Yikes! It sure sounds like it was more scary for you than them.

  9. That must have been a moment of pure panic for you. Mom always does a nose count before bed...but sometimes loses count and forgets...which results in flashlights and name calling in the middle of the night. It's fun for me since I've never been left out....

    Glad everyone was fine!



  10. Ooooh, scarifying for the Humn, fun for the kitties--well, I guess they mighta been an eensy bit hungries, but they prolly coulda taken care of that too, if they had to!

    The Human says: I dont know how old you are, TBT, but I am 63 and I find that my short-term memory is evaporating by the day! I forget where I parked the car, I leave keys hanging in the front door, the other day I forgot I had a third period until some puzzled kids came to my office saying, Uh, don't we have class now?
    So I say, no harm, no foul. But I have started writing notes to myself.

  11. It probably was like a big adventure for them. When the weather was good, me and Eric were able to go out in the garden through the night if we wanted to. It is secure so mum knows we couldn't wander off. Now I am on my own the Beans make me stay in when they go to bed.

  12. You sound like me....more & more forgetful by the day.ttys human is right, except I'm 53! I'm starting to carry a small notebook & pen in my pocket so I can jot things down that occur to me during the day.
    I have forgotten Shaggy outside many times. I've decided I can't let him out unless I'm there with him and even then if he wanders around the back of the house...well, out of sight, out of mind!! -Lynne :)


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