Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Good, The Fat, and The Marley

AYLA:  I'm "the Good" of course an Marley is Marley.  You can guess where that leaves Iza!  
See, TBT feeds me up high here, an Marley waits for me to eat my fill before he jumps up to lick the bowl clean (if there is anny left).   Usually, he waits til I hop down though.  Iza cant jump up that high.  But she caught both of us up there.  She said ta either push the bowl down, or she was gonna pounce the first one of us who jumped.
So Marley an I discussed what ta do.  There was still food in the bowl, but we were both full.  Still, we dint wanna give it to Iza unner threat.
I suggested mebbe we could make the bowl land upside down an TBT would rush in ta clean it up, but it was an iffy aim.  Good old Marley, he reluctantly decided he COULD clean the bowl.  Unlike Iza, Marley can eat ANNY amount of food an not throw up.
So when Iza could tell there was no food left, SHE left (leaving behind a few Farts of Frustration).  I hopped down lightly as usual.  Marley landed on the waterbed with an extra loud WHUMP!  An even HE looked queezy fer a minnit after that.  But he was OK.

He DID spent extra time at the litter boxes later though...

About Yesserdays Post:  We found fake hobbit feet online.

They are more acceptably furrier.  Do you think we should order some?  They do make his naked pink feets a LITTLE better-lookin...  We even bet he would wear them. But is it worth 20 green papers of treats?  

More update: Given the notice that The Old Reader is leavin general public service (an we unnerstand why), we have moved to Bloglovin, but we are missin somethin.  We can read blogs but not seem to comment.  What are we doin wrong?  We managed it at 2 friends, but not anny others.  It just SITS there an nothin happens.  This is all just awful...  HALP!

Ya know what WE think?  We talked to TBT about this. He thinks mebbe Google is expecting all the other RSS sites will get overrun an drownded by users and they, Google, will come back as a subscription site fer green papers...

We'd pay...  Are you listening Google Reader? 

In the meantime, can annyone tell us how to make Bloglovin werk.  Ya know like ta visit our friends?  We know its something simple we're missin.


  1. I can't help with Bloglovin' - I actually open up the blog posts for real from Feedly to comment - but I do say an emphatic YES to the Hobbit feet!

  2. I'm here from Bloglovin now and I've never encountered commenting problems. Maybe it helps to hide the Bloglovin toolbar.

  3. Like Sparkle, we open the blog posts from Feedly to comment. Since we always opened the blog posts from Google reader to comment, this isn't a big deal to us.

    Sadly, Google thinks large-scale, and they said they only had 500,000 users on Reader toward the end. Even a fraction of that 500,000 is enough traffic to crush another site like the Old Reader.

  4. We use Feedly and comment by opening up the blog posts.
    We are still laughing about Iza and her "Farts of Frustration". MOL.

  5. I love your way up high spot!

  6. I read an IT article on why Google Reader was suspended. The big boss had no interest in it therefore no one who worked at Google felt it had any political weight to keep up all the updating and behind the scenes work on such a small project, they would get no recognition for a job no one cared about, so it died a slow death. It's been I think, and this is speculation, that those of us who loved the GR have been so vocal. Who knows you might be right about paying for it. But there is so many things out there that are free I don't know if they could get enough subscriptions to oversee it. I use Feedly, but I haven't had any problem with Bloglovin. I just found I like Feedly better.

  7. We've used Bloglovin' and didn't have any problems with leaving comments. You hafta open the blog post. We've used Feedly too...and we actually like Feedly better.


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