Monday, August 19, 2013

Nellie, The Cat From Hell, Visits!

Well, first of all, we wanna say that Nellie is nicer than her title suggests.  HERE, as a visitor, annyway.

We knew she was coming, but not exactly where or when but that she would arrive in our tunnel.  So we were a BIT surprised when we were lookin out the deck door an she suddenly appeared there.  Its a good thing we look outside there often.  Marley isnt in the picture cuz he ran to tell TBT she was out there, and HE of course ran (dodging Marley in between his feet) to open the door an let her in.

We made sure she was OK from the tunnel trip (she was), an we made sure she had some of the best foods left over from the Birfday Pawty (Bast, she scarfs down foods like Iza does).  Well, it was a long trip an she was hungry.

So we had a great night an day with Nellie here!  After all sittin down in the cat tree, she told us a lot about her travelin adventures.  As we are not much into travelin ourselfs, we were VERY impressed.  Nellie has been EVERYWHERE we ever heard of and plans to go to OTHER places soon!

We all slept on the waterybed (an naturlly Nellie slept closest to Marley).

In the morning, we all went out to hunt mousies.  Nellie was concerned, but we showed her the BIG FENCE around the back yard and she was OK about that and as long as we were there and TBT was standing by the deck door watchin carefully.  We showed her the best mousie holes.  She loved our "Come Out And Play" mousie song and watched quietly.  Iza got one out an showed Nellie how to hold it down while it sang its last song with us.   Mousies sing so nicely...

But Nellie was still a little nervous about bein outside so long, so we all went in.  We had a nother great nap-session on the waterybed and then TBT did the kibble-tossin game.  Nellie was amazed but she caught on quick.  She has fast paws!

So we showed her our Turbotrak ball game, and she loved that.  She really got that ball movin FAST!
Then we had TBT sit down on the chair (after putting our "cat-sitter" DVD on the TV.)  Nellie was a bit cautious about TBT but evrycat falls for his magic finger-scritchies and she had a great half-nap with the scritchies and the mousies on the TV.

But all visits must end and Nellie had to move on.  She went into our tunnel and Marley an Ayla watched from both ends to make sure evrythin was aligned properly.
She ran to the other end of the tunnel, an then it was just like she wasn't there.  We've always wondered about that.  No noise, no air movement, just "gone".   Not even a "poof" sound.

We really loved her visit.  Mebbe one of US will try that sometime.  But not yet.  We need more esperience with tunnels first.  They are kinna tricksy.  We mean, even a sperienced kitty like Nellie ended up on our deck!  So we think we will practice in the house a while...

Thank you Nellie fer the wunnerful visit!


  1. wow, ferst I gets mailed to your house and then Nellie teleports through the tunnel! you guys are really busy!

  2. Oh I loved seeing the visit from both points of view! YOu kitties really showed Nellie a great time and she looked so comfy there. And I have only gone in my tunnel to S.F and to to Boomie's Country. I wonder if I could set it for other places?.

  3. Now that is an amazingly fun visit from the ever amazing Nellie!

  4. My oh my what fun you all had!

  5. What fun having Nellie to visit. It was good of Iza to catch the mousie to show Nellie how it is done. Did she have a taste of it?

  6. Mes wants yous guys to knows that yous is the hosts with the mosts! And TBT, thanks yous for the most pawsome scrittches! Yous IS the bestest!!!

  7. What a polite little houseguest she was! And how cunning to appear at your deck door just to keep you guessing! You have so much to do at your house and we're glad all of you had such a good time!

  8. We just stuck around her on your blog to read the stuff we missed on account of Mom being gone for a few days! Groundhoggy holes! Hobbitt Feet!!! And most of all....the Possum!!!! We had a possum in our garage a couple winters ago, Scooby found him behind some plywood sheets thinking he'd have a nice cozy place to hang out till spring. Mom & dad chased him outta there with a hockey stick & a broom and he never came back. (Plus, they picked Zolies foods off the garage floor!) Possums are helpful critters to have around, many people don't know that. What a summer you've been having!

  9. Oh Nellie's visit sounds like so much fun...we heard a rumor she'll be HERE some time soon!!! We'll make sure to have a lot of food on hand, hee hee.

  10. Sounds as if you had a great time. Nellie is such a sweetheart.

  11. Wow, what a fun visit you had with Nellie!

  12. Wow - mousie holes and wormholes in the fabric of the space-time continuum - that's so, erm, holy!

  13. Wow, you documented a teleporting kitteh!

  14. What a great visit! So many kittehz vacationing this summer. Not us, we're not much for tunnel travel either.

    Happy Tuesday!

  15. What an awesome visit! Sounds like you all had a good time!

  16. What a pawsome visit from Nellie! Tunnelporting is fun stuff. :)

  17. What an amazing tunnel! We think it is wonderful that Nellie was able to visit you this way.


  18. MeWowZa! A visit from Nellie?! Reading all about your adventures was better than watching TV and the tunnel reminded us of 'Beam Me Up, Scottie', hahameow!


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