Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Evening Kibble Toss

Ayla:  TBT tosses kibbles around while he eats his own dinner.  We've mentioned that before.  But what ya havent seen is Iza and Marley anxious ta get at them. 

They are shameless in begging...

I regret having to show this, but honesty demands it.  *sigh* (heh-heh-heh)

Notice Im not in the picture.  I have control of myself!

The bowl of kibbles is up on the counter.  See how frustrated Marley is?  He's been known to jump the counter an its about the only time he gets shoved off annything by TBT.  We are NOT allowed up on the counters.

But as soon as TBT sits down in the chair to eat his own dinner, the kibble bowl is on his tray.  He starts tossin them around and we are all happy about that.  Hey, I DO like the kibbles too.

We all chase them all around the rooms and sometimes into boxes set around.  Its great fun.   Marley is obsessive about it though.  For Iza or me to get one, TBT has to toss three to Marley way across the whole room.  Its almost like tryin to catch fishies around a crocidile!

Do you have a brofur or sisfur like that?


  1. I'm confident that TBT enjoys having Ayla and Marley so enthusiastic, Iza. And Marley is still a growing boy so he needs more than his fair share.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. We think that sounds like a very fun and yummy game!

  3. Chow time and play time two-gether. Fun indeed!

  4. maybe that is what mom needs to try to eat in peace....only she is afraid of setting a bad precedent :)

  5. My human practically has to toss treats into the next COUNTY for Binga - otherwise, she's all over the treats meant for me and Boodie.

  6. Hahaha. Our *crocodile* would be Tutu. MOL.

  7. Hahaha isso é divertido, Marley não fique triste, amanhã tem mais. A Charlott também é muito insistente, impossível de ser ignorada hehehe

  8. I am so glad to find out about other kitties chasing kibbles! I found out that both China Cat & Willow loved to eat their kibbles first thing in the morning when the Food Lady fed them.

    When my Food Lady fills my kibble bowl I wait for her to get a lot of kibbles in her hand to throw for me to run, capture and eat them before I go to my food bowl!

    Purrrrrrrs, Spike William

    P.S. I am sorry that I missed your mousie party. I will be 8 months old on Friday and my Food Lady was proud of me that I have already captured 2 real live mousies out in our porch!

  9. We don't do that game, but my Sister Hoover would love it. Note: Name changed to protect the hungry.

  10. That looks like a fun game. We don't play anything like that, but we think that might be a game that actually inspires Ashton to get some exercise!

  11. That's a good way to get a little bit of exercise. But I hope my human doesn't get any ideas of making me chase my kibbles

  12. Marley can barely contain his excitement over getting the game on!!
    What fun you all have at dinnertime!

  13. Holy CAT! Mealtime isn't nearly as fun at OUR house. *looks accusingly at mommy & daddy*


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