Monday, September 16, 2013

Mancat Monday - Froggy Handling

MARLEY:  I mentioned handling frogs recently, but I dint show it well.  Well, today I am doing that.

First, see the head grab?  Thats impawtant.  
 Frogs do a nasty at the other end. Ya want to shake that out of them. 
So always carry them by the head!
Dont worry, it seems they dont have teeth...
The neck is OK, especially when ya want ta get them in the house.  They slightly don't show to the Beins as much that way. But mine is good at spotting me carryin them.  I hope yours is worse.
But ya gotta let them go iffen ya wanna play with them.  Here, ya see me lookin away ta get the froggie ta jump thinkin Im not watchin.
 It never werks fer the froggie.  I'm tappin it ta remind it Im there.
 Sometimes it takes several taps...
OK, its playing dead (an it ISNT).  They DO that.  Moles and mousies squeek and run.  Froggies pretend they are dead.  DONT be fooled.

And BTW the legs are the only really good parts ta eat...


  1. This has to be THE BEST post ever. Wow. We want Äiti to change the desktop background to one of these froggy in the mouth photos. All hail Frog-Player and Slayer Marley Dude.

    We loves froggies too, and had about three of them this year. they were not as big as yours but the legs were indeed tasty.

    Yummy yummy.

    And we notice it takes a MANCAT to do all this, hehehehe.

  2. I bet frogs are lots of fun to play with! It is too dry where we live to get any.

  3. Oooh ick. I don't like these big pics you've got on your blog now showing deaded things up close. I mean - great job Marley on catching it and providing such an excellent tutorial to help others, but ... please, no more for a little while!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Ooh! Our froggies are always on the other side of the glass, but now we know what to do if we can ever get our paws on one.

  5. If you hear loud screams it's our Mum - she doesn't like "things" without fur!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We don't find many frogs round here, but if we do, we'll know what to do now.

    The Paw Relations

    We laffed and laffed at the one picture of you looking into the camera with the froggy in your mouf! Wowza where can we get a froggy, Ping wants to try frog legs out!!!

  8. Marley! What a great catch and you do it all so expertly!

  9. I am sorry.... I am a wuss and couldn't look

  10. Good catch Marley! We get mostly toads here and you don't want to hold them by either end because they taste bad and make your mouth go frothy.

  11. Nós preferimos passarinhos e ratos, nunca pegamos uma rã, mas você é um bom caçador.

  12. Poor Marley! You gots a frog in your throat pal!

  13. We bow to you as the master frog-slayer!

    Our Mommy would squeal and let the froggie go. She ruins all our fun!

  14. So that's why froggies have such loooooooong legs!

  15. We don't think we have ever seen a frog and we know we have never tasted frog legs, cuz Teri doesn't take us to expensive restaurants, hahameow!

  16. Watch out with frogs Marley, I caught one once that had nasty skin that blistered my mouth. ~Socks


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