Sunday, November 24, 2013


This is our 2,500th post!

Well, its the BLOG's 2,500th post, we weren't here at the start of it (OK, TBT was, but its not HIS blog).  So we decided it was a darn good excuse fer a pawty and TBT agreed.  We got lots of fun stuff ta do...

We have LADDERS ta climb!
We have BOXES!
We have BAGS!
We have GAMES!
We have TOYS!  Each sorted out in matching bins by type (are we organized or what).  From back left ta right front, thats rattley mousies, balls, stuffed stuff, non-rattley mousies, milk jug rings an assorted plasticy things, and fevvry/yarny things...
We have WAND TOYS!
There are also the 3 cat trees, stairways and hallways ta run, and the big waterbed fer bouncin on or nappin on.

One of the highlights of the day (to be repeated 3 times) will be the treat toss.  Picture a dozen or so of us kitties in the living room with the bare wood floors.  TBT takes a whole HANDFUL of treats and tosses them into the room ta scatter around.  We all get ta immediately charge around eating as many as we can find!

The TV will have Cat-sitter CDs running continuously, for those times ya want ta rest a few minutes but still see something interestin.  And the birdfeeder has been filled.  Ya can expect ta see cardinals, doves, purple finches, goldfinches, sparrows,  titmouses, wrens, nuthatches, blue jays, and (sometimes) a woodpecker!  Sometimes squirrels too, but ya have ta be able ta jump up to a high windersill ta see them on the ground below the birdfeeder ta see them from inside.

And of course there will be foods (ham, shrimpses, an chick-hen) and drinks (meowgrritas, niptinis, an toonapolitans - plus milk an toona-flavored water fer anny kittens), and NIP (fresh an dried).  We figure ya know what all that stuff looks like, so we didn't put up pictures of them.

There will be a brushie station too, 3 kinds of brushies, you take yer pick.  TBT will manage that up on the dining room table.  You hop up, he'll be there.  Yes, he CAN be it many places at once! As far as WE can tell (an we have some years of esperience).  Not saying annythin, but there MAY actually be 2 or 3 of him.  He/they sure surprises US sometimes.  Mebbe he just walks around fast a lot.  But same thing we guess.

Naturally, there will be plenty of (constantly-cleaned) litter boxes.  And (we think) a BRAND-NEW SERVICE ; a Bomitarium (a fresh unused litter box for those awkward moments when ya have had a bit too much ta eat or gotten over-ecited by all the pawtying).  It will be placed in the Human Litterbox Room and "What happens in Las Bomitorium, stays in Las Bomitorium", as they say.  Its a kindness to TBT who will be far too busy tossing toys, filling food bowls, cleaning litterboxes, helping kitties down from the tops of the bookcases, etc to notice small problems like that.  Plus, we are all gonna be runnin around so much WE might even step in it, an it would take precious pawty time away iffen we had ta stop an lick our paws clean!

We were hopin fer good weather fer an outdoors mousie hunt, but the cold windies arrived last night and seem to be stayin all day.  So this pawty will be strictly indoors as far as PLANNED activities go (iffen ya wanna go outside annyway, its OK an safe cuz of the tall fence that is woofie an vishus deer proof, but even a Scandinavian kitty might not like cold 40 mph/60 kph winds).

Guests can arrive in all the usual ways - through the tunnel, the cube, the TV (yes, we've seen that happen), or anny other way ya are used to [surprise us with a different way YOU teleport...]!

Updates about the guests and activities will be made as the pawty progresses.  


UPDATE:  Wow, only 7:15 and the place is HOPPIN wif about 20 kitties!  Ayla is facing some stiff climbin competition from the Burmese sisters of Punapipurri, and the Fuzzy Tales (Nicki an Derry) are here too.

Hey Brian is here now...  Yay! 

Hey, Scylla and Socks are here now!  Scylla, just hop up on the table an TBT will start brushing you (brush, brush, brush - we hope he is doing it OK).  And Socks, we have it on the BEST authority (yer Mom) that you have to be VERY careful about what ya eat here.  You KNOW what is allowed, so please stick to that...  And have as MUCH of what is allowed as ya want, of course!

OK, now we are gettin busy.  There is a Queen Of The Hill game goin on at the cat trees AND a THOE game down the hallway...   We are gonna wach the Queen of the Hill game an LISTEN to the THoE race. 

Oh and here comes the "Sometimes Cats Herd You" clowder.    Hey all, try the ham, and then go fer the rattley-mouse toys!

10:30 AM and Milo an Alfie have arrived. Welcome guys!  Get some good foods while ya watch the other kitties run around afore ya decide what ya want ta do first.  An speakin of runnin, Flynn has just challenged the Punipipurri ninjas to a ladder-climbin competition.  We think we have an idea how that will werk out... Flynn has good climbing skills, but young ninjas are tough ta beat...

We'll report on THAT later.  

Meanwhile, the Brushie table is quite popular.  We dint guess at that at first (we dont like brushies all that much, but the line is long.  Some are goin fer the regular brush, but the Zoom Groom seems rather popular.  Mebbe we been missin out on somethin...

11:15 AM  Update:  Oh hey evryone, look who just showed up!  The Manx Mews are here.   Welcomes to Ping, Gracie, Jinx, and Boo, please help yerselfs ta some foods an drinks and get a feel fer how the pawty is goin.  Do ya have a favrite kinna toy (ya saw the selections way up at the start of the post right?), or do ya wanna wait fer the Wand toy event coming up soon?

11:30 AM - Cool, Nerissa says she is "revvin up the eggbeaters" an on her way here.  Um, whats an eggbeater?  Well, as long as she's coming to join us...   And we are thinking it will be time fer some major food presentation by TBT about Noon.

12;15 PM   OK, HERE COMES THE SHRIMPSES!  Gather around, gather round...  Whole PLATES of them, enough fer all!  They is a few chopped up, a few left whole in each little bowl, an nokitty will miss out...  WE LOVE SHRIMPES!!!

OK, jump on them!

1 PM -  First, the results of the ladder climb are official.  FLYNN WON,  By leaps.  Really,  his mighty initial leap left the ninjas a bit flommuxed.  Flynn was on the top step when the Punapipuri twins were on the 3rd.  Flynn gets a fresh NIP leaf!  We KNOW that they will get better at this game.  Meanwhile, dont annyone bother Flynn as he enjoys his Nip Leaf at the top of the ladder.

But we cant ignore the stairway-running contest either.  Nerissa and Ping came to a whisker-finish an we are awarding BOTH a Nip Leaf as prizes.  It COULD have been a photo-finish, but TBT was putting out more food (cant exacly complain about that) and he wasnt camera-ready.

2 PM Update - Hey mancats, better groom yerselfs good, Sparkle has arrived at the pawty!   And ya can bet she is lookin ta see smoothed furs and graceful walks!   So try not ta trip on yer toes, MOL!

Seriously, welcome ta the pawty Sparkle!  There is foods an drinks on the right and games on the left.  We are delighted that you could join us.  Iffen ya want to play in the danger zone, there are ladders and cat trees behind where ya came in.  Watch out fer the THoE in the hallway.  The good news is that ya dont have to pose.  TBTs flashy box is BURIED an we wont tell him WHERE today. An HI Binga!  Say hello to Iza over there, bet you have some things alike.

Marley here:  Flynn, dear friend, the day is overcast and raw.  The mousies won't be expecting us!  Hey evrykitty, annyone who wants ta go outside and hunt the mousies in this blowy weather, collect by the deck door!  TBT says we can go out since it isn't dark yet.

 2:30 PM, WOW the place is jumpin!  An good thing TBT put out that Bomitarium box.  Its been used um, twice.  Not sayin I was involved...  ~ Iza

Ayla ~ Must be 30 kitties here at the moment.  One paw, 2, 3, 4, and a few extras.  Yeah, TBT says thats about 30.  The catsitter CD is a hit.  I'd say about two paws of cats are chillaxin watchin it.  And a few agile ones are up on my high windersill.  Which vaguely bothers me, but I wont worry about THAT today.  It'll be MINE again later.

Which reminds me, TBT said I should invent a game, an I thought of one.   Who can jump to the top shelf of TBT's shoe rack from the floor?  It isnt easy, so dont go bragging about it iffen ya dont.  I mean... I mean Marley can jump there from the bed, but can ya jump up there from the floor?  I wanna meet my kinna jump-mates!

 3 PM An welcome ta the Florida Furkids! Welcome friends and "whats yer pleasure"?   Can we innerest you all in some Nip?  Rattle mousies?  Or just look around an decide what ya like.  TBT is here ta serve ya, or ya can ignore him (we do sometimes).  Either is OK, just enjoy the day...

3:30 PM, Oh hey, welcome Shaggy and Scout  with a little exra Zolie on the side!  Pawshakes to you all fer coming.  Yer just in time fer the treat spread...

Ok here's the deal.  We are all in the big bare wood floor living room.  TBT will have a great  BIG heaping handful of various treats.  He will toss it along the floor ta spread them out all over.  

Go fer them!  Cuz we will. An, jus in case, of course, remember where the Bomitorium is...  First room on the right down the hallway...

 4 PM - Time fer some serious wand toy time!  TBT is holdin 2 in each hand an flippin those rascally fevvers/clothies/ratllers around all around the living room.  

Catch them iffen ya can, he dont make it easy!  (a werd ta the wise though, he doesn't make it impossible either).  An he will switch them around (we have 9).  The last one will be a nekko fly.  Dont tell evryone, its a surprise... 

4:30 PM - Kjelle Bus and Mariodacat have slipped in through the tunnel!  Evryone welcome them.  Kjelle Bus says she is quite a good ladder climber, so mebbe Flynn an the ninjas have some competition here.   And Mariodacat is big on gettin into the paper bags!

Things are gonna get innerestin! 

4:45 PM - Got ta say TBT declared ALL going after the wand toys earlier ta be "expert".  He couldnt darn keep ANNY off the floor with you.  Which he assumes won't surprise anny of you. 

5PM - DINNERTIME!!! Come an get it!  Shrimpses. an Nip!

6 PM - We're havin another  treat toss!  Shaggy got the most on that try, but no one lost cuz evrykitty got SOME!  

8 PM - Oops, did we fail ta post that last update?  We MUST remember ta remind TBT that typing is NOT the same thing as posting.  Annyway, Megan has dropped by and is taking over the brushie table (since that turned into a full-time effort).  Not much liking brushies ourselfs, we had no idea how popular that would be!   TBT seems ta appreciate the help.   Ya should have seen a couple of cats pushin her through our tunnel though...   It might be a bit broked.

 8:30 (yeah still PM, MOL! ) - Derby and Ducky, Redsetter, and the Island Cats have come by an have thown themselfs into the THoE games.  I t does seem they have a talent for it...  The whole crew from Jan's Funny Farm is here too.  They seem ta like the boxes a lot. 

9 PM - Wow, we gotta rethink this "brushies" bizness.  EVRYKITTY is linin up fer brushies at the dining table.  Mebbe we're missin out on somethin.     BTW, Prancer Pie and her group have been really holding the dance floor down all afterlunch.. Or is that "up".  We're not sure...  Oh cool, Derby has velcro pawboots and can walk (sort of ) on our stipple ceiling!  TBT tried ta take a picture, but it made him dizzy.

10 PM - Marley here - TBT has more ham and shrimpses on the way.  We are all pretty pooped after more than 14 hours of partying.

Thats odd, Spitty just walked out of the game room.  I dint know he was here.  Hey Spitty!  And here comes Iza too.  What a coinc, ummm...

O. M. C! !! 

11 PM (and we think final) UPDATE!  We were so glad to see the whole Katnip Lounge group show up!  It was SO funny ta see a long line of cats keep comin out of that short tube tunnel.  Like it was some sort of clown car, MOL!  But it sure livened things up again when they arrived; they are a travelling party of their own.  

We had a great time with the wand toys, and some of them are great jumpers and sat up on all the steps of the ladders and the cubbyholes and platforms of our cat trees.   TBT enjoyed carryin around bowls of the table foods ta evrybody... 


  1. Congratulations on post 2500!!!!

    OMC, this has to be the best party ever! Las Bomitarium cracks us up. What a super idea. Hahaha.

    Nicki has first dibs on the taller ladder, but you'd better make sure he doesn't get at the boxes, or he'll "eat" them!

    Derry'll make a bee line for the bags and wand toys, and man, we are SO there for the treat toss!

    We're teleporting over right now!

  2. Congrats on bein the first to arrive! My we interest all of you in a shrimpie wrapped up in ham? A niptini?

  3. Yay! This is great,Hope you don't mind but EVERYONE came along. Including the burmese so they'll be up and down the whole hous elike nutters. Lewis, Ristto and Roosa will probably hide, and Seppo DEFINITELY has to stay inside. We've shaken he snow off our tails and will try to stay out of the winds. Now, I have my eye on some of those boxes........
    Happy 2500th - that is an awesome record. Respect dudes!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Space, food, and time for ALL! Welcome to the pawty!

  6. Aya is stunned by the Burmese kitties. She's never had a climbing compeitor before. We think there will be some damage. But it is worth it.

    Wow we have like 20? kitties here already (we count too) and the pawty is JUST getting started!!!

  7. Congrats on 2500 posts, y'all been rockin' it! Such an amazing pawty!!!

  8. Woohoo I'm here! Concats on an amazing 2,500 posts!
    Wow you have ladders and bags. I love ladder climbing. Race you up it Ayla! I may venture out to see your real live mousies. I am used to strong winds. My garden is sheltered but the fields are exposed to the westerlies and we often get 50-60mph winds there.I'll have a few meowgrritas to warm me up first. Maybe you will join me Marley? I am excited about the treat toss too!

  9. Flynn, I'll be glad to chase mousies with you outside, but its only 8:45 AM here; lets let it warm up a BIT outside.

    Meanwhie, would ya like ta try yer ladder luck against the Punaipurri Burmese sisfurs? They want a challenge.

  10. We are so staying inside. Cold and windy are not our idea of fun and you has so much to do and so much to eat inside. This is a really terrific party. Congrats on your 2,500th post!!!!!!!

    Scylla is waiting for TBT to brush her and Socks is planning to eats a little of everything, just don't tell Mommy. See he can only have y/d food nothing else no treats nothing cause the way the y/d works is by severely controlling his iodine intake. But he misses he favorite food. Why yesterday he jumped up at the table when the beans were eating and tried to steal the foods off their plates.

  11. We are still mesmerized by the first photo with multiple Ess scratchers. We'll be right there!

  12. Hi guys! Hope we're not too late for the party! xx

  13. I'm up for ladder races against the Punapippuri ninjas. They have youth on their side, but I have tree climbing skills.
    Good idea about waiting for it to warm up before we go outdoors. I forgot the time difference. It is mid afternoon back home.

  14. *pop* Ping comes roaring in down the cat tunnel followed by Gracie and Jinx. Boo daintily waltzes in. THIS IS A GREAT PAWTY! Woo hoo 2500 posts is a major accomplishment. WE are so glad we're here to help celebrate and oh all our OTRB friends and loved ones are also here too. This will make a lovely way to really celebrate.

  15. 2500 posts? WOW! That's a reason for celebratin', for sure.


    I'm revvin' up the egg beaters as we speak and will be over in just a mo.


  16. We cannot be responsible for anything those burmese ninjas do but I would be delighted if you beat them in a climbing competition Flynn. Just watch out for Jaava - she is a sneaky girlcat but at least her brother Jura plays fair.

    Our Aila is getting really confused with your Ayla - their names sound the same.

    And please no one give Seppo and Sampo any nip - they are far too young. Mirsku can have their share while he is waiting around for May Ling from the Katnip Lounge to turn up.

  17. We are on our way! We hope there will be music to shake our boo-tays to!

  18. We're finally up and arriving from the West Coast! How fun! I've got dibs on the Twisted box! And that Bomitorium is an awesome idea! Concatulations on 2500 posts!

  19. Thanks for the heads up Punapippuri. I am not used to sneaky girlcats so I will be on my guard with Jaava. Maybe you could referee for us. I am sure someone as noble as you would be very fair. Are you going to join Marley and me looking for mousies later?

  20. ConCatulations on 2,500 posts! That's quite an accomplishment!

    This is a pawsome party!

    The Florida Furkids

  21. Treat toss here we come! I'm looking for brushie station for a good solid thorough brushing. -shaggy

  22. hey everykitty.....we went back to get Zolie to teleport over. being a`feral kitty she onlt plats with leaves in the wind etc so she wants a go with the wand toys. She has a special outside teleporting place in the roof of the garage.

  23. Hope I'm not to late for your PARTY ?!
    Taking the ladder in one jump :)
    ConCATulations to your blogpost nr 2500 !

  24. Zoooming in thru tunnel hoping I'm not too late for some off the fun. Dashes into paper bag then zooms over to chase mousies. This is a great party guys. Thanks for throwing it. Happy blogging!

  25. Congratulations on your 2500th post. That is an amazing achievement. I'm unsettled and troubled by your hypothesis that there might be more than one TBT. He does seem to get a lot done, so his being twins or triplets would account for that!
    Sensational party - absolutely sensational. I can help TBT on the brushie station if you like. (NOT offering to help clean the litter boxes or bomitarium - that's definitely TBT territory.)
    Party on!

    Sydney, Australia

  26. Wow, wow wow. That's an amazing amount of posts and this is some awesome party we really hope we haven't missed it as we are just getting round to commenting on everyone's blogs. Can we book in for the treats and boxes for Red and scratch posts and Bomitorium for Magic as sometimes she gets a little excitable with food.

    We love your comments and for stopping by. Our rug is now duly christened by you as the rug with the slug. The cats have NO idea why this never occurred to me!

    Love the clean laundry shot of the pile up of cats looks a lot like here.

  27. Hey, we hope we're not too late for the party. Because, seriously, this is one awesome party!! Congrats on 2500 posts. What an accomplishment! Now let's party!!

  28. OMC! What a FUN-TAS-TIC pawty! I did sneak over earlier but I'm not sure anyone but Iza-Lambie saw me. I was furry perturbed at the Human who decided to do "busy" things all day and kept saying yeah, yeah, she'd help me visit in a little while. Well, eventually I just had to take things into my own paws. you know?

    I loved the ladders and those wand toys are fantastic! It was nice to run into the Island Cats, and Sparkle, and the Punapippuri gang.

    I'm just getting my second wind now, so I think it's time to come out from UTB and pawty down!

  29. Dang! We are so late...that's the last time we take the Tardis!!!

    Golllyyy, this is a great pawty...conCATS on 2500 posts! We've been reading about all of you forever, it seems like.

    Now, where are those wand toys? Maui wants to see how high he can jump!

  30. The burmese are still going! Some of us more mature dudes need sleep. All that food...... Yu,! Shame about the lack of mousies. We'd also been wondering about squirrels.......

    Fantastic party dudes, fan-bloody-tastic to use a Britcat phrase.

  31. W0wwzers!What a fabulishious Milestone! Mes could not miss this one and me is so happy to bes at your pawty! BTW, notice that Jo-Jo is ALMOST as big as Kozmo!
    She is 2Xs the size and weight as mes!

  32. Oh poo, Star and Leo are late! Um, Leo wants to know if he can help 'put away' any left overs.. Star is sniffing to see if there are any tossed kibbles hiding anywhere.
    We all say congratulations on this HUGE milestone post!

  33. I am a little late, but Congratulations! That is some serious partying going on so I think it's maybe still still going on. Hope so.

  34. Congratulations on 2500 posts=that is a remarkable milestone!...You guys had a wonderful party=it's the talk of the CB, so sorry we missed all the fun...Love you guys...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat


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