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Thursday, January 10, 2013

V-E-T Time Again!

MARLEY:  Ooh, it was that awful time again yesserday afternoon!  I saw the PTU set on the cat tree and immediately STOOD MY GROUND slunk into the bedroom.  When TBT came to get me a hour later I HISSED AND CLAWED went limp quietly.

Well, OK, Im too laid-back to cause a fuss, but I DID fight against getting put in there.  I spread my legs and claws wide.  But that sneaky TBT, he just folded me up like a sausage and slid me right in!

I wasnt so anxious to get back out at the V-E-T office...  But he is good at THAT part, too.

I got weighed (11 pounds 14 ounces - 5.4 kilo), temperatured (yuck), and stabbed 3 times!  At least I dint get stuff in my nose this year.

TBT forgot the camera.  Yay!  He has an unheathy desire to document the temperature-taking.  I bet it wouldnt amuse him so much if it was HIM!  So I am posting a picture of my first years visit (a nice one).  Dr Jeffrey is just listening to my heart.
When I got home, I got some special treats, so that was good.  But TBT says I have to go back in 2 weeks fer another shot, and 2 weeks after THAT fer a ANOTHER one.  Somethin about cuz I go outside these days.  I suppose its worth it iffen it means that I can get out an play with the mousies...

But this means that Ayla and Iza have to go soon, heh-heh.